100% natural clean beauty products, all perfects to introduce into your beauty routine!


-Microdermabrasion mask with Exfopur with a triple action formula: desquamating, keratolytic and oxygenating, helps reduce fine lines, tighten skin pores and reduce redness as well as spots.

- Moisturizing Mask with Aloe Gel: very important, because hydration is the basis, it improves the appearance of spots, enlarged pores and keeps our skin full of water.

-The honey mask (Cardamom or Rose of Bulgaria): honey is an extraordinary cellular repairer, it greatly helps the appearance of spots, scars, pimples, improves luminosity in addition to being nourishing for the skin.

-The Chocolate mask: an antioxidant, a stimulant that densifies our skin.

-The collagen mask Vanilla Shea (or Cocoa butter): nourishes the skin, it allows us to keep lipids and plump the appearance of the skin.


See here this beautiful tool to melt yours ingredients in order to make easily your beauty masks, our hammered copper burner, a work of art! It also acts as a diffuser.