This active vegetal cocktail is specially designed for the delicate eye area.

To declare war on wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, this judicious blend of different vegetable and essential oils provide and offer the best tools to preserve the beauty of the eye contour, soothe its fragility, hydrate and nourish its skin finesse and offer exceptional anti-aging active ingredients.


Avocado oil :

Rather fluid, it is very well provided with various vitamins, including the famous niacinamide (vitamin PP) anti-wrinkle and anti-dryness, and vitamin E, antioxidant. This essential oil deeply nourishes and actively fights against the signs of aging.

Borage oil :

Its balanced concentration of omega-6 gives it regenerating and repairing properties: ideal for prolonging and maintaining the youthfulness of the contour. Calming and soothing for sensitive and discomfort-prone skin. By maintaining the good constitution of the hydrolipidic film, borage oil, by the presence of gamma-linolenic acid, is very softening: it restores elasticity and tone to the skin.

Prickly pear oil :

Prickly pear oil is incredibly effective for wrinkles: it is firm and smooth, thanks to its exceptional vitamin E texture.

Rosehip oil:

It is also very popular for the care of the eye contour because of its healing and anti-wrinkle properties, which are due, in part, to its natural retinol content. It thus has the effect of smoothing and straightening the treated area. It is also firming and promotes the production of collagen.

Grapeseed oil:

These powerful antioxidants (concealer) make this oil an excellent product for the fight against free radicals and the signs of skin aging.

Castor oil :

It soothes delicate and discomfort-prone skin with its softening and restorative action. It is renowned for having an action against dark spots on the face and hands.

Vitamin E :

This natural antioxidant helps preserve oils and vegetable butters from rancidity. The addition of vitamin E is therefore recommended in all preparations containing sensitive oils and in the formulas of balms and oily blends, for which it will extend the shelf life. Vitamin E also has a very interesting role on the skin: it is an excellent anti-aging active ingredient, particularly recommended for dry and mature skin and in repairing after-sun care.

Calendula extract:

Calendula is a plant known for a long time for the care of damaged or irritated skin. This concentrated extract, rich in faradiol esters, is a precious cosmetic active ingredient for preparing soothing or anti-aging treatments for fragile, sensitive or mature skin. Its anti-inflammatory action clears the eyes by decongesting venous stasis.


Essential oils for the eye area

Italian Helichrysum:

Anti-hematoma, draining, circulatory and decongestant, Italian Helichrysum essential oil is excellent against puffiness and dark circles.

Geranium rose:

Healing, toning and astringent skin, essential oil of geranium rose tightens the tissues and allows cell regeneration.

German Chamomile (or Matricaria):

Powerful anti-inflammatory, decongestant and healing, essential oil of chamomile matricaria acts on puffiness (puffy eyes) and regenerates tissues.

Use : In a roll-on, the serum applies very easily and protects against contamination from the fingers. Equipped with metal applicator - ie "cold metal". A little thermal shock, and the dark circles becomes discreet! Gently pat, applying very light pressure and following the points of digito.

The principle: during application, make movements from the inside to the outside with the roll-on, emphasizing the inner corner of the eye and the top of the cheekbone, strategic areas of concealer.