The first one is all black and contains cedar and activated charcoal (they will love it and charcoal is super trendy). It's a sexy soap ideal for our big kids: Has astringent, purifying and cleansing properties, and helps to balance sebum levels. Don't we want our kids to use natural products that are just as good or even better than ours? I always say, I have boys and I strongly wish for grandchildren someday, so I make sure that they avoid preservatives, as well as synthetic fragrances that can irritate their skin. Same for petroleum derivatives that could clog their pores.

For baby, a soap incredibly smooth and enveloping (just like a mom). Half of the soap is fair-trade shea butter from Mali, for irritated skin, newborns, and especially for sensitive skin that can't tolerate anything else. Its creamy, rich and velvety foam turns it into a moisturizer, a real hug for the skin.

Note from the soap makers: Shea butter makes the soap harder, which extends its use.

Two 100% natural soaps made with olive oil, handmade in Quebec and illustrated by a local artist too!

Available online:

Sexy Louis (ideal for teens)

Bébé Joe (newborns, babies and kids)

And you know mine: La licorne de patchouli

My boyfriend's favorite: Cap Vert

And for my little Charlot: L'allumeur d'étoiles