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Body Brush - for dry brushing


Body brush

To learn more about the benefits of dry brushing, see this explanatory article here.


How to proceed ?

In the morning, to energize, tone and therefore wake up, before taking a shower, use a natural bristle brush to brush your skin in circular motions, starting from the top of the feet towards the torso, then starting from the fingers towards chest.

In the evening, it allows you to relax after a busy day. Followed by a shower or a hot bath and the night's sleep will be excellent.

You want to work in the same direction as the lymph flow, towards the heart.

Be careful on sensitive areas like breasts. The more regularly you brush, the less sensitive your skin will become. Once you have finished brushing, hop in the shower to remove dead skin cells! It's quick and easy, only 2-3 minutes! Dry brushing, a must to add to your daily routine.

Please note that in order to properly maintain the dry body brush, which is made from vegetable fibers, it is important that it never gets wet, otherwise it will lose its properties.


Some restrictions

Avoid sensitive areas: areas of rashes, wounds, cuts, infections.
Avoid on injury, varicose vein, sunburn, tumors.
Finally avoid brushing on a body that is too hot or very cold.

Maintenance: every week, you can hold it over a wastepaper basket and brush it with a toothbrush or even a hairbrush that you designate only for this purpose.