Fermented brown rice protein - Unflavored

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What it is?

Its creamy texture makes it easy to incorporate into smoothies, pancake mixes, snacks, cookies, muffins and even sauces etc. Rice protein is a tasteless vegetable protein that's easy to add to any recipe, dish or meal.

Size : 300 g

What makes it different?

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Good control of heavy metal and micro

  • Ease of digestibility

  • Completely natural protein

  • Well-balanced amino acid profile

  • Gluten and lactose-free


Fermented brown rice protein.

Recipe ideas with Fermented brown rice protein

How does Jacynthe use it?

  • Gourmet protein drink : Plant milk (750 ml), Fermented brown rice protein (3 tablespoons), MCT oil (5 ml) or a good fat (nut butter, avocado), alcohol-free vanilla extract (2.5 ml) and a pinch of iodized salt. Add sweetener (maple syrup, dates), frozen banana or cocoa to taste. Adjust water according to desired texture (more or less consistent).

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Fermented brown rice protein.

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Fermented brown rice protein - Unflavored