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Curly watercress


Curly watercress



Did you know that...

The healing properties of watercress date back to the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt, long before it was used as food?


Info on taste

Although the watercress is known for its peppery, spicy, even spicy notes, it is often criticized for being bitter. This is where its micro-shoot becomes particularly interesting since its taste is less aggressive than that of the adult plant, lighter.


What you will want to know

Some nutritionists consider watercress to be the plant that 'has it all'. It's not hard to believe since it contains more iron than spinach (hmm ... Popeye would have done better to eat watercress?) And is rich in vitamins (especially B, C and E ) and minerals (we already talked about iron, but it also contains carotene, copper, manganese and more). Its fiber intake is not negligible either. But what is even more brilliant, is that by consuming the watercress in the form of micro-shoots, you considerably multiply its supply of nutrients and, as we said before, you reduce the bitterness enormously which makes watercress more pleasant to eat.



Keep the micro-shoots on slightly moist soil. Eat them or put them in the living fridge on compost when they reach more or less 10 cm. The cold will slow growth until you eat it.


The watercress micro-shoot progresses rapidly. When it reaches 10 centimeters, you will want to eat it or cut it and keep it in the fridge in plastic bags for two or three days or the whole tray in a cool place.

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