The DNA of our company

Written by: L'équipe Maison Jacynthe
Published on: February 19, 2022
The DNA of our company


o Maison Jacynthe is us: it's more than a business, it's our life.

o We built everything from scratch, together, without help and now surrounded by a great team to support us. 

o We are the "number one customer" of the company.

o What we wanted at the beginning and still today: to share inspirations that have changed our lives with the goal that it will change yours too.

o We promote a lifestyle of our own, we try to inspire you to eat well, to exercise.  We talk about vitamins, superfoods, what makes a difference to us.  We like to think that all of this together can help the vitality of people who adopt this lifestyle.

o We are committed to transmitting information, to disseminating this essential content, on our site and at your disposal: live interviews with health specialists, 50 programs, a film on the development of children, hundreds of articles, many of them written by health specialists.  We have guides and books.

o We offer a great contribution to society, both economically and in terms of heritage preservation.

o We create more than a hundred jobs.

o We send a lot of parcels outside the country.

o We work hard and invest to preserve heritage: our houses are heritage houses, between 100 and 350 years old, rich in history.

o Every day we read your stories, inspired and propelled by them.

o Every night, we go to bed happy, proud of what we accomplish.

o We have a great team, a great family of employees, a solid core that has been around for a long time.

o You, our partners and our team become our friends.

o We are our own voice.

o We are spontaneous and proactive.

o We are always looking to connect with you.

o We listen to you, we always try to offer you what you ask for.

o Our consultants and beauticians have no financial goals, their goal is to serve you well.

o We make it our duty to advise you properly and to offer you a personalized service.

o We are committed to offering options for all budgets, this is important to us.

o In each of our homes, beautiful stories are lived with you every day and we are happy to read them in the daily reports of the boutiques.

o We are a living laboratory as we are constantly listening to your journey with the formulas like a perpetual, powerful focus group: the testimonies guide, inspire and change lives in turn.

o We are a 100% independent, free and autonomous company: we source, manufacture, self-distribute, and are in constant contact with you and are our own media.

o We make ecological choices.

o We are masters of our formulations and ingredients. 

o Our formulators have carte blanche, the freedom to create; we simply want the best in the world.

o We demand the best from our partners and ingredient suppliers: we want the best, not a price.

o What we offer you: no compromise in ingredients or in the richness of the recipes.

o We did not create this company to sell it.  We are already planning how the children will take over if they want to.

o We have decided never to retire: Maison Jacynthe is our life!  We will not stop; we love what we do too much.

o If we are still here today, it is because of you. You are our best spokesperson. We have come through the turmoil because of you.

o And that DNA will never change, it's us.  We cannot change it, if we do, we no longer exist. This is who we are: proud of who we are, proud of our values, proud of our ingredients, proud of our team, proud of you.

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