Jacynthe answers your questions

Food and Allergies

Where do we find the ingredients in your "grocery lists"?

Where can I buy ginger juice?

What is Jacynthe's favorite juicer?

Is it possible to be allergic to coconut?

I'm allergic to gluten, wheat and oats. I also have a sensitive colon. Do you have menu suggestions?

I need healthy recipes for children.

Can dehydrators affect the nutritional value of foods?


Which device does Jacynthe use to make nut butter?

What does Jacynthe use to remove her makeup and cleanse her face?

My skin is still dry, even after applying the serum. What should I do?

My child has eczema, can I use the serum on him/her?

I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Can I use the serum?

I suffer from psoriasis and rosacea. Can I use your serum?

How do I apply the serum and creme?


Where does Jacynthe buy her clothes and acessories?

I would like to change some of my bad habits. Where should I start?

Boutique - La Prairie

What are your business hours? Where is the boutique located?