Atlas cedar - Essential Oil

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Atlas cedar

Atlas cedar - Essential Oil 


Size: 5 ml  

Certified pure  

Origin: Morocco 


The Atlas Cedar is a majestic conifer that, by its comforting and solid aspect, makes us want to take refuge under it. Luckily, this is what we feel when we breathe in this essential oil; its reassuring scent totally envelops us. 


Among its many reported properties,1 it is indicated that this essential oil would fight against hair loss.  This was reported in a randomized controlled trial 2 conducted in double blind. Eighty-six patients divided into two groups participated. Each member of the first group had to massage themselves daily with essential oils (thyme, rosemary, lavender and Atlas cedar wood), with jojoba and grape seed oils as a support. While the second group had to use only the support oils in massage, also every day.  The study lasted 7 months and was followed up at 3 and 7 months. At the end of 7 months, 19 (44%) of the 43 patients in the active group (with e.o.) showed an improvement compared to 6 (15%) of the 41 patients in the control group (without e.o.).  The degree of improvement in photographic evaluation was significant (photographs evaluated by 2 dermatologists).  


In the same study reported this time in Jama Dermatology,3 a little more detail is explained: the oils were to be massaged into the scalp for at least 2 minutes. A warm towel was then wrapped around the head to facilitate absorption of the oils. Patients were asked to use this technique every night. Details of the essential oil blend used are given: Thymus vulgaris (2 drops, 88 mg), Lavandula angustifolia (3 drops, 108 mg), Rosmarinus officinalis (3 drops, 114 mg) and Cedrus atlantica (2 drops, 94 mg). These oils were mixed in a carrier oil, which was a combination of jojoba (3 ml) and grape seed (20 ml) oils. Conclusion of the trial: the results showed that aromatherapy is a safe and effective treatment for hair loss. Treatment with these essential oils was significantly more effective than treatment with carrier oil alone. 


Recipes & Impressions - Yours  


Annie M.: In diffusion "Myrrh with Frankincense and Atlas Cedar for meditation."  

Genny L.: "Following some new products, I made my own linen water! Distilled water, neroli floral water, alcohol, Pink Grapefruit EO, Patchouli EO, Sweet Orange EO and Atlas Cedar EO. I've been sprinkling my water everywhere since a while now!" 

Julie A.:  "Today, it's time to make my tick and flea repellent spray for the dogs. With the wonderful MJ products and a few drops of Lavender, Atlas Cedar, Lemongrass and Geranium essential oils. Dogs are ready for their walk outside." 


My properties: 


Anticellulite, healing, lymphatic and venous decongestant, harmonizing, lipolytic, estrogen-like, positive, comforting, regenerative, relaxing, tonic. 




Olfaction, Diffusion, Bath, Oral use, Skin application. 


My botanical name: Cedrus atlantica 

My family: Abietaceae 

My color: Yellow/orange to brown 

My odor: Sweet, deep woody, balsamic 

Synergy: Bergamot, Sandalwood, Juniper, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Rosemary, Rose 



  • Before using any product containing essential oils, please check and follow the precautions, warnings and contraindications.

  • Before using an essential oil, if in doubt, here is a tolerance test that allows you to check your sensitivity to essential oils. Simply place 3 drops of the essential oil mixture in the hollow of the elbow or wrist and wait a few minutes for a topical reaction, or up to 48 hours for an allergic reaction. Caution: do not use essential oils that are said to be dermocaustic or phototoxic, as they may cause burns on the skin.

  • Do not apply them pure on the skin or on the mucous membranes.

  • Avoid any contact with the eyes.

  • Respect the recommended doses.

  • Keep out of reach of children.  


Note: the properties, indications and methods of use are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy. They are regularly found there and for many confirmed by observations in scientific environment. However, this information is given for information purposes only, and in no way constitutes medical information, nor does it engage our responsibility. For any use in a therapeutic purpose, consult a health professional.  


Notice: although natural, essential oils are active products that require responsible handling. In no case will Maison Jacynthe be held responsible for the consequences of an incorrect or careless application of these products or the methods presented.  





2. C. Hay, M Jamieson, AD Ormerod. Randomized trial of aromatherapy. Successful treatment for alopecia areata. Arch Dermatol. 1998 Nov;134(11):1349-52. PMID: 9828867 doi: 10.1001/archderm.134.11.1349.


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Atlas cedar - Essential Oil