Zinc oxide

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Zinc oxide

To add to the jar of Karité-Vanillé (Shea butter) to make my sun protection.

Shea has a light sunscreen factor. When zinc oxide is added, an SPF of about 20% is achieved. I tested it many times in the big sun to rejoice in its effectiveness.

In 5 minutes, your preparation is ready: just heat the contents of the shea bath in a bain-marie (1 minute and it's done), remove the fire and add the portion of zinc oxide and then put in the freezer an hour to freeze again. There you go. Be sure to mix the two ingredients well so that everything is homogeneous.

How often should shea be applied? It always depends on the exposure time. We must adjust if we are in full sun all day, we bathe, we put more often.

See here on video, how to make my sun protection.

* Our vanilla shea with zinc oxide contains 15% zinc oxide (9 (7.5) grams of zinc oxide for 50 grams of shea). We therefore estimate its protection factor around 20.

Reference sources for zinc oxide sunscreens:

DermaQuest Announces SPF 30 with 18% Zinc Oxide: http://www.ewg.org/2015sunscreen/about-the-sunscreens/620839/DermaQuest_ZinClear%2C_Tinted%2C_SPF_30/

Dr. Mercola Sunscreen discusses an SPF of 15 with 9.5% zinc oxide: http://www.ewg.org/2015sunscreen/about-the-sunscreens/620108/Dr._Mercola_Sunscreen%2C_SPF_15/



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Zinc oxide