Spa set with exfoliating grey and pink gloves

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Spa set with exfoliating grey and pink gloves

The set includes:

- Oxypur oil

- Oxypur salt

- Ayurvedic serum

- 2 exfoliating gloves (one grey and one pink)

Here (Steps 1 & 2 and 3) is how to offer yourself a beautiful relaxation and a liberating effect recreating this care appreciated by the Nordic spas.

Spa treatment ritual: 

Once autumn sets in, the top layer of the epidermis dries out and our skin starts to feel tight, itchy and dry. 

Imagine the following thermal & spa scenario in your bathroom:

1-Dry brushing to exfoliate dead skin then shower to continue the cleansing & soap the mucous membranes.

2-Then, after the shower, apply Oxypur with oxygenating, purifying & exfoliating essential oils on the wet skin; the scent that emerges plunges us into the heart of a Nordic spa, the sensation of freshness and cleanliness is very present and sensational. 

3-The next 10 minutes are taken advantage of (we prepare candles, music, green juice or tonic or Protecteur honey tea).

4-Then you exfoliate with your hands, this time with the magnesium salt enriched with eucalyptus. 

5-And then, we go back under the water (shower or bath) to complete the exfoliating action with the glove (don't be surprised if the residues roll under it); we don't soap, the skin is purified, breathes; we rinse with water.

6-At the end of this invigorating experience (legs, arms, buttocks or local as you wish), we apply the Ayurvedic serum, always on the wet skin; rich in powerful antioxidants, in resins with a deep and long-lasting action & above all, with an incredible thermal sensation: the Ayurvedic serum reminds us of the past, of the oak moss combined with precious anti-aging oils, of the rich spa, while giving off a warmth on our skin, enveloping us for hours.  


100% natural, pure & active does not mean that we are immune to allergic reactions. If in doubt, try the product in the crook of your arm before use.

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Spa set with exfoliating grey and pink gloves