Patchouli - Essential oil

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Patchouli – Essential oil 


Format: 5 ml 

Certified pure  

Origin: Indonesia 


An essential oil with an intense and unique scent! Patchouli arrived in England and France in the 19th century thanks to the success of cashmere shawls that were imported from Asia and transported and protected from moths during the journey because they were well wrapped in patchouli leaves. Its many benefits, far outweigh its reputation for scent and remain to be discovered.1 

According to a study2 published in 2007, regular massages with patchouli essential oil (accompanied by relaxing music) significantly reduce work-related stress, especially among nurses in the emergency department. Two 12-week alternative therapy sessions were provided over the course of a year. Eighty-six nurses participated in the study, 39 of whom attended both the summer and winter sessions. The researchers found that 60% of the staff - 54% in the summer and 65% in the winter - had moderate to extreme anxiety. But that number dropped to just eight percent, regardless of season, once staff received 15-minute massages of the shoulders, mid-back, neck, forehead and scalp time. An aromatherapy mist was diffused over their heads, and they listened to relaxing music through headphones.  What emerged from this study was that providing an aromatherapy massage had an immediate and dramatic effect on staff who traditionally suffer from high anxiety levels due to the nature of their work. 

A cherished oil adopted by hippies during the 70's, for sure, its scent never ceases to seduce from one era to the next! This patchouli has a quiet strength. An essential for your well-being and relaxation! 


Recipes & Impressions - Yours  


Hélène B.:  "A great classic and very simple for me: a mixture of Lavender and Patchouli in diffusion. I use it everywhere."  

Mireille C.: "I love patchouli since I was a teenager, a little green bottle was oil, I add Patchouli oil in my patchouli shampoo." 

Mary: "Patchouli! Patchouli the bohemian, patchouli synergy! For so long I've been looking for a healthy Patchouli essential oil, I finally found it." 


My properties: 


Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, venous and lymphatic decongestant, balancing, estrogen-like, regenerating, digestive and nervous stimulant, re-equilbrating, tonic. 




Olfaction, Diffusion, Bath, Skin application. 


My botanical name: Pogestemon cablin 

My family: Lamaciae 

My color: Yellow to brown 

My odor: Warm, herbaceous, woody, oriental 

Synergy: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Cypress, Ginger, Petit grain, Rose, Ylang-ylang. 



  • Before using any product containing essential oils, please check and follow the precautions, warnings and contraindications.

  • Before using an essential oil, if in doubt, here is a tolerance test that allows you to check your sensitivity to essential oils. Simply place 3 drops of the essential oil mixture in the hollow of the elbow or wrist and wait a few minutes for a topical reaction, or up to 48 hours for an allergic reaction. Caution: do not use essential oils that are said to be dermocaustic or phototoxic, as they may cause burns on the skin.

  • Do not apply them pure on the skin or on the mucous membranes.

  • Avoid any contact with the eyes.

  • Respect the recommended doses.

  • Keep out of reach of children. 



Note: the properties, indications and methods of use are taken from reference books or websites in aromatherapy. They are regularly found there and for many confirmed by observations in scientific environment. However, this information is given for information purposes only, and in no way constitutes medical information, nor does it engage our responsibility. For any use in a therapeutic purpose, consult a health professional.  


Notice: although natural, essential oils are active products that require responsible handling. In no case will Maison Jacynthe be held responsible for the consequences of an incorrect or careless application of these products or the methods presented.  






2. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Cooke et al.  Aromatherapy massages with music dramatically reduced stress levels in nurses, Journal of Clinical Nursing.  Pages 1695-1703 (September 2007).

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Patchouli - Essential oil