Blackhead kit

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What it is?

Amazing purifying set (5 products): rid skin of blackheads and pimples in one go. Exfopro is a blackhead solvent. Exfopur empties pores. Cleansing oil thoroughly cleanses like a charm, while calming the sebaceous glands, which then secrete less sebum. AHA Lotion eliminates dead skin cells in a single step, leaving the complexion radiant. Hydrogel provides healthy hydration.

Key benefits...

  • 100 % natural, pure & active

Products included in the set:

How to use

We demonstrate the ritual here.

To purify pores and say goodbye to blackheads:

  • AHA lotion

  • Cleansing oil with 1 to 3 drops of Exfopur and take time to massage the area

  • Rinse well with Cleansing oil

  • Mask with Exfopur

  • Rinse and spray with floral water

  • Hydrogel & Cleansing oil as a serum

Then maintain daily with this ritual morning and evening:

  • Surface cleansing with Cleansing oil

  • Imbibition cleansing (mix your Cleansing oil and Gel)

  • Orange water

  • Hydrogel and or Cleansing oil as a serum


100% natural, pure and active doesn't mean we're immune to allergic reactions. If in doubt, try the product in the crook of your arm before use.


Your testimonials

MJ Vaudreuil: "Annie was telling me how Exfopur has done wonders for her son's blackheads. His skin is always smooth again, and best of all, nothing turns into pimples! Doing a few masks a week and removing virtually all dairy products from his diet are proving to be a winning combination for him!"

Jessie M.: "Exfopur is simply magical, as much for the way my skin feels purified as for the way it feels replenished. And for my daughter, who steals it from me every week, a perfect ally for her teenage pimples and blackheads!"

MJ La Prairie: "Sophie spent a week without her Exfopur and saw a huge difference. She takes care of her blackheads with this one every day and since then, she hasn't had any. She quickly noticed the return of blackheads when she wasn't using Exfopur".

Marie B.: "My skin is so much brighter after using Exfopur. Blackheads fade away, my skin breathes, wonderful product, all without being harsh on fragile skin, I love it!"

Diana T.: "An indispensable product for facial skin for both women and men. Exfopur works wonders on my seborrheic, blackhead-prone skin."

Vicky V.: "I've always loved Exfopur, the revitalizing effect on our skin, like a baby's skin, and especially on the nose, it feels like a brand-new nose and it smoothes the skin so much".

Melanie E.: "Exfopur is my favorite product. It's a gentle scrub that helps with blackheads and dark circles. I bought some for my boyfriend, my brother, and my parents!!!! "

Valérie: "I tried Exfopro for the first time this evening. I'm pleasantly surprised by the results! I applied 8 drops all over my clean face, followed immediately by two cleansings (with cleansing oil and rinsing with a washcloth). I finished by applying Soothing Formula. I've been using the cleansing oil + floral water + serum for several months now. Before that, I'd been going au naturel for years. I never thought I'd have such clogged pores. I was completely flabbergasted to see the blackhead heads on my nose, half-extracted! I'd never seen anything like it. A treatment that only takes a few seconds and is extremely effective. I was able to extract them effortlessly and without damaging my skin.

Marie Eve: "Gel Sebo and Hydrogel for acne blackhead has been effective for me".

Nathalie L.: "Since I've been using the cleansing oil, I haven't had any blackheads, and the scent is wonderful! I love it!"

Mel C.: "I've been using the cleansing oil and Exfopur for 2 years, no more pimples or blackheads, fantastic. Thank you so much for your beautiful products xx "

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Blackhead kit