Written by: Jacynthe
Published on: January 12, 2022

Here I am in the Hammam. Private space (for two to 4 people).



Sylvain and I meet every week for two hours. Happiness!


In the Hammam you have the Dry Sauna (picture), a steam bath with a cold shower in the middle & two tubs to soak in the cold after the sauna (Hey! You don't have to go in the cold!!). Many people only go for the hot). 


So I start with the steam, my heat rises to the same level as the room. Optional: I put essential oils in the space provided to breathe them in the steam and wrap myself in them. When I get hot, I cool down in the shower. The first few times, not for long, but the more I get my body used to it, the more it wants to be in the cold (amazing to tell on a day like today!), it's euphoric and the feeling immediately afterwards, and then for hours on end, extraordinary. Bonus: the skin is toned. The relaxation is total.


After the steam, I go to the dry sauna. My bath is running during this time. I get very hot quickly in the dry space, in 5-10 min. Then I put my feet and legs in the bath. It is rare that I can do more. I go back to the warmth. Then I will be able to sit in the bath. And more and more stay. Sometimes up to 7 minutes. And if I go back to the hot, it's so I can go back into the cold. In this exceptional sensation... and lasting. This frenzy in which my whole being participates. Indescribable but so addictive.


I will take invading steam breaks (steam bath side) and then return to my exciting circuit. 


Two hours pass quickly. 


Then you want to experience it again. At least once a week.


As the space is private and reserved for the two of you (or 4 from the same address), it remains open.


This makes me understand the benefits - which are beyond me - of thermalism and tame our winter afterwards. It is not curious. I can find a little, when outside, this wellbeing so much appreciated following my circuits to our Hammam. My body associates the benefits to the cold. 


I will not be able to do without it anymore.


Where: At our MJ Eastman, 355 rue Principale (at an angle with the church). With lodging possibilities (so I would reserve the Hammam space for 2 hours each day during my stay and why not a session at the infrared sauna (for the totality) and meals (gourmet salad, soups, chili, paid drinks, the essential is proposed to you for a completely regenerating stay).


To be experienced. And to relive. This is my weekly "vacation". My way to get away. To reset. To live more. To enjoy.


Price: $90 for 2 people for 2 hours (on weekends and vacations, add $5 per person).

Click here to make a reservation. Choose "Eastman private Hammam" in the menu. For the infrared sauna, click on MJ Eastman and you will find it in the services. 


Kathya Cloutier: "I highly recommend it! A well-being to offer yourself and to explore?"


Julie Marchand: "This week I had the chance and happiness to experience the incredible Hammam (private spa) at MJ Eastman. I went there for my birthday, we rented a room in the house, the Royale for 2 nights and reserved the private Spa for 2 sessions (1 per day), in addition to discovering the excellent healthy meals offered on site. The boutique is right in the house, which allowed us to snoop around and ask any questions we had about the products. The team of girls on the spot is hot! From Line to Coralie and Laura to Laurie, they are all welcoming, smiling and passionate. The Hammam experience allowed us to try different shampoos and shower gels while in the room we were able to try soap, room spray and others. What to say about the steam baths and sauna...just WoW! Our favorite was the "cold water bath". Everything was simply PERFECT! I wish you the "total" Eastman Spa and MJ experience.’’


All the houses have an infrared sauna (also in private mode, you can enjoy it alone or in pairs), you can book your moment here. Different and just as wonderful.




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