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100% pure, natural & active 


Blend of cardamom, pepper, cinnamon and lemon essential oils to enhance your shake, coffee, energy balls, cookies, oatmeal...


Ingredients:  Ellataria Cardamomum oil (Cardamom EO), Piper nigrum seed oil (Black pepper EO), Cinnamomum zeylanicum oil (Cinnamon EO), Citrus limon peel oil (Lemon EO). 

Directions: To be absorbed on support 1 time per day. 


  • "All natural products are alive, endowed with a revitalizing energy capable of restoring harmony by stimulating vital processes" (Dr Jean-Pierre Willem). It is said in this regard that Essential Oils are "eubiotic", they promote the return to balance and life.
  • Essential oils are powerful plant concentrates: up to 300 kg of certain plants can be distilled to obtain 1 liter of essential oil.
  • Among other things, given this quantity of active principles, they do not generate addiction.
  • The essential oils chosen for our oral formulas are used like spices, at a rate of one drop at a time because, once again, they are highly concentrated, and always on a support; in this way, they admirably embellish a protected shake, for example, bringing taste as well as all the benefits attributed to the chosen oils.


To learn more about the properties of the essential oils contained in this formula, click here!


As with everything, if you are pregnant or nursing, do not use essential oils orally. Not suitable for babies. If you have any special conditions, it is important to confirm with your doctor or health care professional if the use of aromatherapy is indicated for your health condition.  

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