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Parfum canin


Napoleon perfume

100% natural, pure & active

30 ml


A cologne that brings a feeling of freshness, well-being and eliminates unpleasant odors.


Ingredients: Aqua (Distilled water), Lavandula angustifolia oil (True lavender EO), Caprylic/capric triglycerides (Fractionated coconut oil), Citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil (Bergamot EO), Citrus aurantium dulcis oil (Sweet orange EO), Citrus paradisi peel oil (Pink grapefruit EO), Citrus limon peel oil (Lemon EO), Glycerin (Glycerin), Lecithin (Soy lecithin), Rosmarinus officinalis extract (Rosemary oeloresin extract). 


Directions: To control odors, spray lightly on your dog's coat once a day while brushing, avoiding the eyes and mucous membranes.


Precautions, contraindications and warnings:


  • Like humans, some animals can be allergic or sensitive to it. Remember to test the product on your dog's skin to avoid the risk of a large-scale reaction. To do this, apply the product on a small area of skin, then wait 48 h. If your dog reacts, stop everything. Also, stay alert and receptive to the dog's reactions and stop use if you notice negative behavior because the scent. Otherwise, continue taking care to follow the instructions.
  • Essential oils can present contraindications in animals that suffer from certain ailments.
  • Essential oils can interact with drugs administered to the dog if the dog is already on treatment.
  • Essential oils can present acute or chronic toxicity on the liver, kidneys or nervous system if they are used in high doses or for too long a period.
  • Never use essential oils in puppies under 3 months of age or on pregnant or lactating females. Also be careful if your dog shares the house with other animals such as a cat or a ferret: some essential oils are extremely dangerous or even fatal for these two animals.
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IngredientsAqua (Eau distillée), Lavandula angustifolia oil (HE lavande vraie), Caprylic/capric triglycerides (Huile de coco fractionnée), Citrus aurantium bergamia fruit oil (HE bergamote), Citrus aurantium dulcis oil (HE orange sucrée), Citrus paradisi peel oil (HE pamplemousse rose), Citrus limon peel oil (HE citron), Glycerin (Glycérine), Lecithin (Lécithine de soya), Rosmarinus officinalis extract (Extrait d’oléorésine de romarin).
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