La Longévité

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La Longévité (The Longevity)

Living younger longer

By Jacynthe René


Author of 5 best-sellers

Contributed by Jean-Yves DIonne, Pharmacist

Foreword by Pierre Haddad, PH. D. Scientific Director


Maison Jacynthe is the reference in Quebec for beauty and well-being.


La Longévité, a hard-hitting book, reveals all the concepts that allow us to optimize our quality of life.


It is intended for all those who wish to enjoy life more. Regardless of our level of fitness, we will learn profitable concepts from a perspective that we can only benefit from.


After several and MANY thousands of testimonies from Maison Jacynthe addicts (more than 10k), from the virtual community (more than 100K), from customers in the boutique (several testimonies per day x365 multiplied by the number of houses), understand how we are more than confident of the repercussions, of the benefits of the affirmations gathered in this book and that anyone who cares about his or her well-being will be challenged by the ideas, the inspirations, the recipes and the good habits of eating and living proposed.


Surrounded by experts who are not only in theory but also in practice (in turn meeting thousands of patients), Jacynthe summarizes powerful content, nurtured, and reviewed by a pharmacist on the cutting edge and presented by a scientific director who is equally open to the possibilities and performance of the lifestyle presented.


Each page explains the principles of living well and long, gaining decades of vitality: making better choices to optimize our metabolism without real constraints! Instead, we maximize our energy, regain our full mobility, attention, good sleep, develop our strength - regardless of age, and reverse conditions. Longevity explains the how and the why. This understanding helps us to happily absorb and adopt the advice and incorporate joyful new habits that will literally change our lives.


The book is the complete opposite and antithesis of a restrictive diet, offering resources that add to the usual routine, without the need to remove. Experience has shown us, however, that users (even thousands) prefer new habits as they discover and enjoy the multiplied benefits of them.


Today, as never before, we must be responsible for our health and the only ones who can take charge of it.


All the tools are at hand to maintain our senses and our experience at their full potential, without diminishing our enjoyment, even developing new capacities.

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La Longévité