Infusion Marine

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Infusion marine  

 50 ml  

100% natural, pure & active 

Sea fennel, the star ingredient, has extraordinary connotations for antiaĝes skincare.  It has a firming, tightening effect, while providing hydration support. Deposited in a refreshing, astringent and toning Eau de menthe, it gives the skin a burst of radiance. 

To further boost the moisturizing effect, Infusion marine contains hyaluronic acid to plump the skin. Essential oils of Rosemary, Mint and Labrador Tea complete its action.

Ingrédients:  Wild mint (Mentha aversis) floral water, Glycerin, Hyaluronic acid, Crithmum maritimum (Rock samphire) oil, Rosmarinus officinalis verbenoniferum (Rosemary verbenone) oil, Ledum groenlandicum (Labrador tea) oil, Mentha x piperita (Peppermint) oil. 


Directions: Add 3x the amount of Infusion marine to one scoop of Poudre d’algues and mix well. Apply mask to face. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse well. 

Here, for a demonstration of this beauty ritual ♥

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Infusion Marine