Baby set (Baby oil & Calendula mousseline)

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Baby set

100% natural, pure & active 


Huile de bébé

100 ml

We want the best for our babies. No chemicals because we want to eliminate it at all costs from the lives of our children ... and ours. The most beautiful shea oil that moisturizes deeply mixed with calendula oil, super rich in carotenoids, nothing else! She smells only shea and calendula, without perfume!  A spectacular softening effects.

- Anti-inflammatory and healing effect

- For sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin

- For hypersensitive, dry skin (even rough skin)

- Ideal for chapped hands or lips

- Suitable for babies, young people and adults

- 100% pure, natural and active.


Tip: add a drop of the soothing formula (reserved for adults) to enhance the anti-inflammatory effect on rashes. Leaves a beautiful complexion thanks to the vitamins it contains.

Notice: The product may freeze if it is cold, just wait for it to liquefy.

Ingredients: Butyrosperum parkii (Shea) oil, CO2 calendula officinalis (Calendula extract CO2).

Shelf life after opening: 12 months


Mousseline Calendule

50 g

Calendula Mousseline without essential oils, perfect for babies, for people who are allergic to essential oils and for pregnant women.

Ingredients: Persea gratissima (Avocado) butter, Butyrospermum parkii  (Shea) butter, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) CO2 extract and Vanilla planifolia fruit extract (Vanilla extract).

Shelf life after opening: 12 months


100% natural, pure & active doesn't mean that allergic reactions are impossible. In doubt, do the test in the antecubital area of the arm before using. 

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Baby set (Baby oil & Calendula mousseline)