Absolu 7 - Absolu de parfum 4 ml

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Absolu 7

Absolute of perfume 

4 ml*

Woody floral

An architectural work of art, where elegance, fullness and awakening blend together. 

As it emerges from the muddy water where it takes root, the Lotus flower emerges from its bed to blossom in beauty.  It unfolds its aromas and blossoms through the detachment of its anchors towards personal fulfillment.  

It is tender and powdery in a bouquet of white flowers of Jasmine, Tuberose, Neroli and Vanilla to merge perfectly with the notes, both fresh, green, delicate, while being woody and aquatic. A fragrance of compassion, fullness and fulfillment of the soul.  

Top notes: Orange, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit 
Middle notes: Pink Lotus, White Lotus, Rose Centifolia 
Base notes: Tuberose, Cedar 


*The label indicates a quantity of 6 ml but the price and the quantity are according to a 4 ml. 



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Absolu 7 - Absolu de parfum 4 ml