Soap - Mon détachant

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Soap - Stain remover

Mon détachant

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A natural soap, made with organic coconut oil, ideal for hand wash or to get rid of stubborn stains. Mon détachant cleans everything! A convenient all-purpose cleaner that is useful while camping or traveling (will fit in your suitcase). It cleans the bathtub perfectly! Use without restriction everywhere around your house!

Specifications: This soap has stain-remover powers that can remove tough stains like wine, blood, blueberries, grass, earth, etc. It is not abrasive and can be used for delicate or hand wash. A great all-purpose cleaner designed for washing dishes while camping or taking care of daily chores around the house. Can be use as a brush cleanser. 

Directions: If the stain is wet, soak stain with warm water, rub with soap and launder. If the stain is dry, soak the stain with warm water and rub with soap. Let soak in warm soapy water for a few hours or up to a day (depending on the spot).

Caution if using a front-load washing machine: Make sure to use less soap in your because coconut oil makes a lot of suds.

Note: This soap was born to meet the needs of a retailer that wanted a Savon de Marseille that was eco-friendly and made locally. The efficiency of this coconut soap exceeded the expectations of the creators and consumers. It removes all stains: blood, wine, blueberry, rust, hair dye, old oil stain dried in fabric. The positive testimonies are endless.

Properties: Do your laundry by hand and remove stubborn stains with this natural version of Le Savon du Pays. No need for toxic solutions that will irritate your skin. Discover the great stain-remover powers of coconut oil. Soak the stain with warm water and rub with soap. Soak the garment in warm water, launder or rinse, and dry according to label. This soap was proven effective on tough stains like dyes, blood, oil, even on “cooked” stains (dried in the dryer).

Ingredients: Organic coconut, Water, Sodium hydroxide.

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IngredientsHuile de coco biologique, Eau, Hydroxyde de sodium.
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Soap - Mon détachant