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Cleans pores deeply to remove sebum, dirt and makeup.

Of an incomparable softness (thus for all the types of skin) and very effective to clean the pores in depth, delicately, without attacking the skin.

It pleasantly completes the first stage of our ritual, is used with the cleansing oil, and cleans thoroughly while activating the lymphatic circulation and offering a massage, adding pleasure and relaxation to cleaning.

Here is a brush on wooden handle, to avoid plastic, and equipped with 320 000 synthetic hair * (0.045 mm diameter) of extreme softness, antibacterial material.

How to use it? Apply the cleansing oil to the face, wet our brush then proceed gently by small circular movements, upwards, emphasizing the T-zone, the neck. Clean your face and rinse the brush after use and hang it with the cord for drying in the open air

How to clean the brush:

At 320,000 hairs, it is quite possible that some of them have not received enough glue to stay in place and some of them stand out during the first use. I suggest you clean the brush, by hand with a mild soap, before your next use, to allow recalcitrant hair (if any) to be removed. Also, it is important to dry the hairbrush from below. Just like for a makeup brush, water should not accumulate in the part of the brush that holds the hair in place.

* Know that the vegetable brushes are necessarily thicker in hair and therefore harder for the skin of the face (that one does not want, again, too abruptly eventful). 

A skin that breathes fully is a healthy skin!

You can see here the procedure to follow in video:

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Face brush