Return Policy

Maison Jacynthe will accept returns in the following cases only:

*Please note, however, that according to hygiene rules, there will be no exchange possible during the pandemic period.

Maison Jacynthe will accept returns in the following cases only (skin reaction, allergic reaction, defective products).

A - Customer returns

If there be a refund, we will proceed at the time of return of the goods.

Makeup is a final sale. No exchange, no refund.

When shopping, it is important to choose your products wisely and to verify before proceeding to payment. No returns will be made for subjective dissatisfaction. Here are some examples: the appreciation of the smell of the products, a change of idea, a bad choice of color etc. However, if you experience a skin reaction please contact us. All products returned by a consumer to MAISON JACYNTHE  must be reported and approved by MAISON JACYNTHE.  You must provide a proof of purchase (receipt and/or confirmation email).

Return of a product due to an allergic reaction

You have 30 days to return a product that has caused an allergic reaction.

Return of a defective product

Defective products purchased online: contact the head office (450-444-7644) to notify us of the defective product and to receive a replacement. You must provide a proof of purchase. No refunds will be made; exchanges only.

B - Delivery error

In the case of delivery error, incomplete delivery, or products damaged en route, the products must be returned to MAISON JACYNTHE. Contact Customer Service (450-444-7644). The agent will issue an authorization number and give you instructions for returning the goods to us. If you do not obtain an authorization number, we will no longer be responsible for issuing the credit.

C - Products damaged en route

If your products have been damaged during transportation from our company, you must notify Customer Service within 48 hours of receiving the damaged products. Customer Service will give you instructions for rectifying the situation. You must retain a copy of the delivery receipt as proof. Any damage to products following their delivery is the full responsibility of the customer.

D - Other

MAISON JACYNTHE will not accept returns in the following cases:

  • Products that do not correspond to a valid authorization number
  • Products more than one year past their expiry date
  • In addition, we assume no responsibility for any damage resulting from the misuse and / or storage of the products, and this, before the expiration date. A small pictogram representing an open jar, accompanied by a number and the letter "M" (for "month") is usually found on products. This symbol indicates the storage time: for example, "6M" means that the product can be stored for 6 months from the date of opening. However, these are benchmarks. Products can last less than estimated, especially if they are not stored or used properly. You should therefore also pay attention to smell, color and texture, and discontinue use if you observe any change.

E - Exchanges

You must visit the retailer responsible for the sale within 30 days of purchase in order to make an exchange. You will need to present your proof of purchase. The goods must be in perfect condition.


We reserve the right to limit the quantities of any product we offer. All descriptions of products or their prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

*Please note, however, that according to hygiene rules, there will be no return or exchange possible during the pandemic period.