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Exfopro our professional exfoliant.

Loosens sebum, unclogs pilosebaceous glands. Promotes shedding of dead skin cells and brings oxygen the skin (removes CO2 in the skin).

Contraindications: skin with permanent redness, irritated or hypersensitive, dermatitis.

Ingredients 100% active & natural

Among its treasures, discover the essential oils of: Lavender true *, laurel of Japan, geranium rosat *, rosemary to verbenone *, eucalyptus radiata *, green myrtle *, clary sage *, vetiver *,  german chamomile  *, cistus ladaniferous *, immortelle * tea tree *.


Precautions: Essential oils can be potentially irritating or allergenic. It is better to make an allergic test before using them (apply on the fold of the elbow 1 to 2 drops of  Exfopro and wait 10 to 15 minutes before noting that any redness does not appear).

Expiry date after opening : 9 months

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