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Body spa treatment trio

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1. OXYPUR Massage oil 

For the body, here is our oil for this ritual which provides a sensation of freshness and cleanliness very present and offers the impression of a real experience in a European spa, at home.

Directions: Apply to damp skin, massaging. Add a pinch at a time of Oxypur Exfoliating Salt to work more on targeted areas. Rinse in the shower and always on damp and soaked skin (in the shower but without water), continue the exfoliation, this time with the glove

Warning: Forbidden to pregnant or breastfeeding women.


2. OXYPUR - exfoliant salt

Aromatic exfoliant, enzymatic eff­ect.

For the body, in addition to Oxypur massage oil to perform this freshness ritual. 

Directions: Apply in addition to Oxypur massage oil. 


3. AYURVEDIC SERUM - Anti-aging body treatment


- Repairer
- Tonic
- Softener
- Anti-aging
- Revitalizing
- At the mental level, the aromatic formula refocuses and soothe the mind, to regain a feeling of well-being.

Directions: apply to wet skin of the body.

Warning: Forbidden to pregnant or breastfeeding women.



-Soak your skin with Oxypur oil
-Leave on for 10 minutes
-Exfoliate with Oxypur Eucalyptus Magnesium Salt
-In the shower, continue the exfoliation with the glove (to choose here)
-Then on the still damp skin, apply the Ayurvedic serum

A true multisensory & thermal experience, you will have the fresh and invigorating sensation with the oxygenating Oxypur then the sensation of heat with the enveloping Ayurvedic serum rich in myrrh & frankincense resin, oak moss & powerful antioxidants to act as a barrier to external agents & thus, allow an amazing regeneration.

And the beautiful sensation lasts from hour to hour following this session.

Treat yourself once a week while you indulge in dry brushing & exfoliation with a glove in the shower every day, or even in the morning & evening.