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Trio d'huiles parfumées

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Scented oil trio


Scented oil trio

Feeling of letting go and fullness will be there!
Jasmine black pepper
For a feeling of well-being and emotional harmony, Jasmine black pepper formula offers properties:
• Soothing aromatherapy for the soul
• Increased feeling of soothing and euphoric well-being through olfactory perception
• Helps to relax in order to find a deep and restful sleep
• Increased feeling of feelings of confidence, optimism and warmth
• Awakens by sensory perception evocative and aphrodisiac desire.
• Stressed temperaments
• Feelings of fear
• Lower morale
• Sadness and sorrow
•Lack of sexual interest

Feeling of letting go and fullness will be there!

Basil Fir
For a feeling of well-being and harmony of body and mind, Basil Fir formula offers properties:
• Sensation of mental and revitalizing well-being
• Feeling of improved self-confidence
• Helps to discover its potential and contributes to achieving and achieving its objectives.
• Fragile nervous systems
• Lack of dynamism, willpower, perseverance
• Mental and physical fatigue
• Indecision
• Loss of self-confidence, in the future
• Lack of tone.

Feeling of letting go and fullness will be there!
Chamomile Verbena
For a relaxing sensory improvement sensation, Chamomile verbena formula offers properties:
• Relaxing and anti-stress feeling
• Powerful calming sensation of the central nervous system
• Nervous shock, emotional shock
• Stress, tensions
• Anxiety
• Sleep disturbances, insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, nightmares.
100% natural, pure & active doesn't mean that allergic reactions are impossible. In doubt, do the test in the antecubital area of the arm before using.