Turtle - Charm

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Turtle - Charm


14K Gold plated 925 Sterling silver charm


Why the turtle? For what Stéphane transmitted to me about this symbol at a time when I mentioned in a live that after a series of tests, I was inspired by her to protect myself.

TURTLE: in the indigenous imagination, the turtle is associated with the great myths of the creation of the world. Slow and tenacious, this animal symbolizes wisdom and perseverance. Noble qualities that have allowed the indigenous nations to survive, for millennia, in the land of America. It is also the symbol of health. The oldest symbol of planet Earth; she personifies the goddess of energy and the Eternal Mother. The Turtle has a shell that teaches us how to protect ourselves from the hurt, envy, jealousy and unconsciousness of others. It also underlines the dangers of upsetting the course of things, and of letting our ideas mature before exposing them to the light of day. The turtle represents Mother Earth in Indian belief. Its shell is its protective shield. The fact that she has her eggs hatched in the sun shows that you have to think carefully about your ideas before revealing them. Its slowness tells us that we should not rush things, that it will come in due time. She teaches us to protect our feelings and withdraw into oneself.

Source: Tortue-paradise.com


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Turtle - Charm