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Natural sensitive skin concentrate - Formule Apaisante


Formule apaisante (Soothing formula)

5 ml

100% natural, pure & active


This formula is specially developed to treat diffuse redness with the following properties: calming and anti-inflammatory, decongestant, blood thinning.

Directions: put a drop on the redness before the application of the serum, 3 evenings a week.

Ingredients: Lavandula spica (spike lavender EO), Pelargonium x asperum (geranium bourbon EO), Matricaria recutita (German chamomile EO),  Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile EO), Tanacetum annuum (blue tansy EO), Salvia officinalis (sage EO), Helichrysum italicum (helichrysum EO).


Warning: keep out of the reach of children.


Precautions: Essential oils can be potentially irritating or allergenic. It is better to make an allergic test before using them (apply on the fold of the elbow 1 to 2 drops and wait 10 to 15 minutes before noting that any redness does not appear).


100% natural, pure & active doesn't mean that allergic reactions are impossible. In doubt, do the test in the antecubital area of the arm before using.