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Organic vegetables and shoots bulk for 1 year


825 gr

My 11 vegetables and 3 types of shoots organic bulk for the equivalent of 5 salads and all you need to know about the salad and what it does for us! You can add home, if you will, with fresh lettuce, peppers and tomatoes (which can not be included because they give off too much water). Wow! (She composes my meals for lunch and dinner and every time I wait for her with greed and impatience, and most of all, I am delighted to have eaten her after the fact while I vibrate with energy.)

That's enough to change life and already prepared for you, there's no reason not to marry with the vitality!

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Important, do not pair other items to your cart when ordering vegetables bulk.

In case you are not present during the delivery, your box will be deposited in front of your door.

During the winter season, have them delivered to your friends, neighbors or the office so your box do not stay outside for too long.

Offered at $ 1,672. for a value of $ 1,968.

The equivalent of 240 servings for your year.

Your vegetables bulk will be renewed every week sent on Monday, received on Tuesday for 48 weeks. Your automatic shipment will begin the week following your purchase. Important to tell us if the delivery address differs from the billing address.

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