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Purifying Formula

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Unique, exclusive and a wonderful formula that I haven’t been able to live without for years (and that you cannot find on the market)!

The only "danger" is to run out of it!

Simply add a few drops* of the Purifying Formula to your water to sanitize surfaces (countertops, floors, etc), dish mops (full of bacteria) and objects (without being harmful to babies). Will leave a fresh and natural scent!

This formula is bactericidal and fungicidal, and may as well be used on a daily basis to clean up your environment. Complex of essential oils with a very pleasant smell, in my opinion exhilarating for both the person using it and for the guests that will tell you every time: “It smells so good and fresh”! Original, exclusive and a convenient gift composed of essential oils of pink grapefruit, geranium, litsea cubeba, lemon, lemongrass, orange and thyme (thymol). * O.25% to 1% of total

Ingredients 100% active & naturalCitrus paradisii EO (pink grapefruit), pelargonium EO (geranium), litsea cubeba EO, cymbopogon citratus EO (lemongrass), citrus sinensis EO (orange), thymol EO (thyme)

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