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Nigella seeds - 100 g

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Nigella seeds - 100 g 


This remarkable "black seed" has had a very rich traditional history over the centuries, containing over 100 compounds, including vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids.

To find out more, Jean-Yves Dionne tells us about it here, at 30:54 - Nigella or black cumin seed


How to use nigella (black cumin) seeds in cooking?

It can be used as we do with pepper: to spice up dishes at the end of cooking, from appetizer to dessert or to spice up our creamy cocoa vegetable milk. Whole or grounded and even infused. Depending on your taste!

If you grind the entire bag, it will give approx. 30 servings of 1 Tbsp. tea (1 tsp = 0.9 carbs and 0.4 protein)

For all those who like a little spicy taste!

For example, in a rice protein smoothie, this is excellent!
Also by adding it to the chocolate avocado mousse for breakfast, it's great!