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Orange floral water & chocolate mousse set


Orange floral water & chocolate mousse set : 

Orange floral water

Sweet orange floral water gives off a pleasant, delicate and fruity-sweet scent which makes us return to childhood. It is excellent to help rebalance, strengthen the structure of the skin and fix the hydration. It also has its place in the kitchen: for a refreshing drink, a simple teaspoon will aromatize your glass of water!


Ingredients: sweet orange peel extract floral water 100% pure and natural (without preservative)

Latin name:citrus sinensis



- refreshing

- rebalancing

- calming

- all skin types, especially for oily and problematic skin

- use morning and evening


100% natural, pure & active doesn't mean that allergic reactions are impossible. In doubt, do the test in the antecubital area of the arm before using.


Use:to facilitate the absorption of your serum, gently spray the floral water before the application of it so that it will be better absorbed. You can also put a drizzle at the end of the makeup, to fix it slightly.


Chocolate mousse 


50 g

Face & body 

100% natural, pure & active


Similar to mousselines, in texture and warm, comforting, enveloping, nourishing scent. Repairs, nourishes and protects the skin against bites from the cold winter of Quebec. A sensation of chocolate euphoria, which leaves the skin with an intoxicating scent, diffusing during outdoor activities, a comforting, gourmet trail. For the whole family (children from 2 years old).


The antioxidant properties of cocoa absolute, as well as the richness of the ingredients, make the mousse an anti-aging, smoothing, nourishing and protective treatment. 


Ingredients: Theobroma cacao seed butter (cocoa butter), Persea gratissima butter (avocado butter), Butyrospermum parkii oil (shea oil), Vanilla planifolia fruit extract (vanilla extract), Theobroma cacao seed extract (cocoa absolute), Citrus sinensis oil (orange EO). 



And here's how to use the choco mousse fora sublime ritual:

1- Take a small amount of coco exfoliant and spray the orange water to dissolve the sugar and then add, always in the palm of your hand, our chocolate mousse to cleanse the face: DELICIOUS! EXQUISITE ON THE SKIN, SO COMFORTABLE - ANTI-AGING - NUTRITIVE - SMOOTHING


3-Spray orange water and apply the mousse (which can also be lightened with our aloe gel and orange water).