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Ensemble bébé


Baby set:

- Baby oil: anti-inflammatory and healing effect, for sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin, for hypersensitive skin, dry (even rough and rough), ideal for hands or chapped lips, suitable for small and large babies, spectacular softening effect!

- Vanilla Shea: It moisturizes and nourishes deeply. It is really to try to soothe redness, irritation and sores of everyday life.

- Bobome: Our balm that soothes irritations caused by mosquito bites thanks to the beautiful properties included in these quality ingredients: shea butter, calendula, too beautiful and soothing, lavender of deep purity and absolute anti-inflammatory and soothing, truly decongestant chamomile that soothes the itch, refreshing peppermint with anesthetic effect and broad spectrum antibacterial geranium.

To prepare the cream for the baby's bottom, add 2 sachets zinc oxide available here.

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