Moonstone mala

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Moonstone mala

Characteristics of the necklace:

  • Length of the necklace: 41.5 cm
  • 108 pearls of 6 mm in diameter moonstone (white, peach and gray)
  • 1 pearl of 8 mm in white moonstone
  • 1 silver medal 925 with the logo of 15 mm
  • 1 faceted white moonstone pendant circled in silver 925, removable with its clasp
  • Mounted on a peach-colored silk thread


It has this name (or rather nickname) for its resemblance to the moon thanks to its pearly white reflections and its roundness. The Greeks and Romans thought that this stone was a solidified moonbeam.

Its scientific name is hecatolite (a reference to Hecate, one of the three lunar goddesses) or adularia. Whatever its name, it keeps a close link with the moon and draws many benefits from it.

The moonstone is THE stone of femininity (yin), intuition and creativity.

It is a stone of balance that allows harmony.

Symbol of femininity, it would be protective & would accompany women.

Calm and soothing, by wearing it regularly, negative thoughts would diminish and give way to the positive.

Linked to the 3rd eye chakra and to the sacral chakra, it would develop intuition, creativity, would favor good decision making and would harmonize emotions.

Stone of openness and tolerance, it would facilitate the exchanges, would help to the good agreement between the persons.

How to maintain the moonstone?

Over time the moonstone is emptied of its energy. To preserve its benefits, it must be cleaned and purified.

There are several methods, either with water, sage or Palo Santo.

  • Rinse the stone with spring water or unsalted distilled water.
  • Then wipe it gently so as not to scratch it. You can also use a bundle of dried sage leaves or Palo Santo wood.
  • Open the windows so that the energy of the stone can come out.
  • Pass the lighted stick around your stones and jewelry for a few minutes (this is also an opportunity to purify your house).

Once the stone is purified, you can recharge it by exposing it to moonlight, preferably on full moon nights, on a windowsill.

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Moonstone mala