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Baby Set


Includes Vanilla shea butter and Zinc oxide, Macadam & Chamomile oil and Baby oil

Pregnant, I applied Vanilla shea butter on my belly and Macadam & Camomile oil on my body to calm the itching.

When our baby is born, add Zinc oxide to vanilla shea butter to turn it into a balm for redness, use Baby Oil to moisturize your body & keep Macadam & Chamomile for you, your partner and your kids (massage them at night with this the most soothing mix, wait for your baby to be a child for Macadam).

We join to your shea 50g, two bags with the portion of zinc oxide to add. In 5 minutes your preparation is ready: just heat all the contents of the shea butter in  a double boiler (1 minute and it's done), remove  and add the two bags of zinc oxide and then freeze for on hour. There you go. Stored it at room temperature thereafter.

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