Skin pulls when it lacks water - when it is dehydrated. The principle, to follow, is to saturate it with oil & moisturizer or butter & moisturizer and massage it with this mixture for 4 minutes, with your hands (I demonstrate it in this video, it's simple and makes all the difference). Try it. You'll probably want to try it often because with this quality water soak (floral or aloe or hyaluronic acid rich) :

the skin glows (water is life, communication) and as it soaks in, not only wrinkles fade away but also spots, discomforts, imperfections, all signs of "congestion" due to lack of water (think of a sponge that takes on volume as opposed to a dry one; or of a water-soaked soil that allows the absorption of vitamins as opposed to a dry one).


Ritual in steps

1-2: We clean a first time with our Oil then in the second cleaning, we soak/saturate the skin during 4 minutes: that must slip on the skin, if not, there is not enough.
We can combine the Cleansing Oil or Jojoba with our Aloe Gel or Hyaluronic Acid (such as the Sublimateur) or, Mousseline of your choice (I took Kukui) with our moisturizer (I took Vetiver on fruits) or floral water (Chamomile is a good choice in winter) - put back floral water or hyaluronic acid, if needed, on the hands during the soaking.
3: Rinse with water or dry and complete our ritual with floral water, moisturizer, serum.
4: If necessary, we can put a layer of protection against the cold, the hot Vanilla Shea being the anti-ageing par excellence, or a floral wax (Mimosa or Rose, according to your tastes).


A few words about skin hydration

Dehydrated and tight skin is thirsty, hence the importance of saturating the skin with water, especially during soaking. Our moisturizers are our Aloe Gels and our Fluids (Oriental and Tensor) as well as our hyaluronic acids (Sublimator, Lotus Sacré, Vetiver Hydration Booster on fruits and Phytocomplexe Anti-aging). It is interesting, but not necessary, to combine the two moisturizers, during the beauty ritual, by applying an aloe gel followed by a hyaluronic acid (which will fix the water of the aloe gel to keep it in the skin) before continuing the treatment with a Serum, a Butter or a Mousseline which will seal this beautiful hydration.


Understand in a few points how to calm redness

Skin with redness and tightness should return, for a while, to a very gentle beauty ritual, to soothe, reunite the hydration and regain skin comfort. The priority is to calm the skin during the beauty ritual and then rehydrate it. Thus, neutral formulas, with little or no essential oils, will be preferred. As for floral water, ideally choose Chamomile, so soothing and appreciated by sensitive skin. Don't worry, your other formulas will not be lost! Simply put them aside until the redness has calmed down and the skin has recovered its comfort.

Here are the steps of the beauty ritual, to be done morning and evening:

1 - Surface cleansing:

  • Apply a generous amount of Jojoba oil directly to dry skin, enough to thoroughly soak, soften and calm the skin;
  • Massage for a full minute;
  • Remove directly with a very soft cloth if the skin was not made up, or if it was, emulsify with a little warm water and continue the massage gently before removing with a washcloth;
  • Apply a little floral water by ablution to emulsify with the oil that remains on the skin, massage gently and remove with a soft dry cloth.


2 - Imbibition:

In the palm of your hand, or even better in a small container, mix (from the most solid to the most liquid), the Kukui Mousseline (or the Chocolate Mousse or the Soothing and Protective Balm) with its equivalent in Aloe Gel. Add a little Jojoba Oil and a little Sublimateur. If the skin allows it, it is also possible to add a drop of the Soothing Formula. Mix well to create the emulsion;

  • Massage this mixture gently with your hands (not your fingertips!) for several minutes, depending on the skin's tolerance. Although the massage is very gentle, it is still stimulating. It is important to observe your skin to see how it reacts. You should feel a cooling effect. Massage for a few minutes, until the skin is well soaked, comfortable, luminous, more uniform and fine lines are smoothed;
  • Add, if necessary, the emulsion (or the Sublimateur) throughout the massage so that it "glides" on the skin and to keep the feeling of freshness;
  • Remove the excess: dry, with a very soft cloth; or add floral water by ablution and continue the massage for a while. Then blot with a tissue or a very soft dry cloth, until the skin is velvety.


3 - Seal:

  • In the palm of the hand, put a dab of Kukui Moussline and, if the skin allows it, a drop of the Soothing Formula. If the skin feels tight, add a little Sublimateur to lighten and allow for better absorption. Mix well;
  • Massage the face until it is absorbed. To do so, apply this mixture with your hands, gently, like a caress to calm the skin, starting from the middle of the face, moving towards the cheeks and then towards the outside of the face and finishing by moving down towards the neck. Repeat this movement about 20 times. If it doesn't penetrate well, add a little more Sublimateur, or even a little floral water, to facilitate absorption;
  • At this stage, the roller could also be excellent to finish the massage. Pass the roller in the same way as the hand massage, from the middle of the face to the outside and then down to the neck. Watch your skin carefully, it should not be reddened.


4 - Protect:

  • Apply the hot Vanilla shea butter mask, previously melted in a stove, in order to seal the treatment and protect the skin from dehydration. Place the hot Vanilla shea butter in your hands and start the application on the least fragile parts of the face and finish with those that have redness;
  • Let the mask rest for 5 minutes before removing with a tissue or a very soft cloth;
  • Wait 5 minutes before leaving the house or before proceeding to the makeup step to ensure that the skin is comfortable.
    * At this stage, it would also be interesting, during the evening ritual, to replace the warm Vanilla shea Butter with the Soothing and protective Balm.


Repeat this ritual morning and evening until the skin is comfortable again and redness subsides.  After a few days of this ritual, you can apply the Chocolate Mask, which is wonderful for calming redness!