Why choose MJ formulas? 


Unique in the world (you will understand why), here is what sets us apart: 


- our products are 100% natural to the point where they are edible: we should be able to eat our cosmetics, this is the guarantee of a healthy product (know that a "natural" product may contain preservatives, so ask the company that does it if you can eat it, if you are told "it's better not", ask more questions; also know that some organic certifications may require only 10% organic ingredients) 


- our formulas are 100% active: no filling agent, all the ingredients chosen serve the skin; at the top of the list, you will find popular materials, and until the last, since our emulsions and synergies are 100% active, while it is not uncommon in traditional to have in the end only 2% of active ingredients for the skin; not only will you have effective & repairing treatments that restore the integrity of your skin while being powerfully anti-aging, you will also avoid these toxic & dangerous ingredients such as: preservatives, petroleum derivatives, fragrances, silicones, among other. The latter undesirable:  

clogs the skin pores (imagine a thick wax which accumulates & which prevents it from breathing, to eliminate - the opposite of what we want when we have a skin which secretes a lot of sebum because the sebum then remains " imprisoned " in a closed environment who can therefore easily become contaminated to generate pimples then cysts - to absorb (and this, up to the scalp for having received testimonies of hair that no longer grew), 

can be endocrine disruptors (refer to the list of ingredients that play with the hormonal system for example, up to that of the child you are carrying if you are pregnant, good idea to "go natural" when we carry a small), 

or even, generate dermatitis (we will therefore avoid synthetic fragrances even in hand & laundry soaps, unnatural softeners too, to avoid sleeping or wearing fragrances via our bed sheets or our clothes): dermatitis irritates inevitably and sensitize the skin to the point where the skin (of the face and / or body, in children and adults, depending on the tolerance level of each) can no longer bear anything; you often come to us at this stage!) 

Our ingredients: 


- our vegetable oils are virgin (to retain the maximum of qualities & nutrients, unlike the refined oils commonly used in natural cosmetics because odorless and kept longer; for our part, we add antioxidants & essential oils as much for their properties skin & health as wonderful antioxidants and preservatives in our formulas). 


-While our essential oils are certified pure, we can brag about it in a world where unfortunately they are too easily adulterated, diluted, therefore necessarily losing the desired benefits (namely that by adulterating an essential oil with a molecule based plant for example,  the said essential oil remains natural! So do not confuse natural and pure); to certify each batch of each of our essential oils used or offered, we have access to a large-scale laboratory operated by a team of seasoned and experienced scientists who master this art, referring to the exhaustive guides of purity according to the region of origin thus guaranteed; with this rigorous control system, we make sure that all essential oils meet the strictest specifications. 


-the great thing: we have the best ingredients that exist in this world! We do not invite our accountant to the table neither during the acquisition, nor at the time of the formulation imagined then conceived without limits; we source the best ingredients, of the highest quality, virgin and pure, in order to have in the end on our skin or around us only the most noble & precious molecules offered in this land; this is our great pride, because not only should we wish it but also to have the chance to be invited to a circle of privileged few (ten prestigious houses) to access the rarest oils & absolutes, our values ​​and our way will have allowed it, the beautiful story. 


This is what you deserve with us, while we wish you, each and every one, fulfilled. Our business is family-run & Quebecois, with a whole heart of beautiful values, a respectful & sustainable approach, also when we choose to work with our partner farms. We are building our laboratory units following LEED certification while continuing our adventure to biodynamic plantations on our beauty farm where a barn will be erected into a carbon sink. 

So, with good reason, you appreciate our teams as well as your family, your friends, you adopt our warm houses, rich in history because they are heritage & restored with passion; you expect our rituals as much for your skin as for the well-being generated. The beauty of this story continues because as we are masters of our products, with a reservoir of incomparable ingredients and formulas developed with an intelligence that understands & knows the skin, sharing this understanding with you via simple, powerful protocols adapted to your situation (and your wallet too, we have solutions for everyone), we are free to be spontaneous and to give everything to you. This freedom won by force of our convictions is priceless, as much for us as for you because we neither have to bend nor to make compromises. Precious. You feel it as soon as you adopt us. AND don't be surprised if you spot a beautiful handmade seashell when you open your jar of Exfopur or your Frutti-tutti mousseline. Our consideration, our time invested, our passion for you go, yes, until then, until the end of all the moments of happiness that we can offer you. 

With all my love,