How our natural, vegan and cruelty-free lines set themselves apart


  • Concentrate of vitamins, essential fatty acids and strong antioxydants. 
  • 100% active ingredients (because natural doesn't necessarily mean efficient): every drop helps your skin. 
  • Our best ingredients are at the top of our list. 
  • Edible, organic and therapeutic, because we should always be able to eat our cosmetic products. 

MAKEUP (designed in Quebec, made in Milan)

  • Results without compromise, for all products.
  • Active ingredients filled with health benefits.
  • Long-lasting and dreamy pigmentation.
  • Chic rechargeable cases handmade in Spain that protect both product accessibility and ecology. 

FINE PERFUMES (created just for us in Paris, conceived here)

  • 100% natural and organic. 
  • Emotional fragrances that focus on your well-being.
  • Signed by Jean-Charles Sommerard, exceptional and renowned creator and master perfumer, and key Maison Jacynthe team member.
  • Not only does he create our fragrances: he also  ensures our plants' sustainability through time.

Our products don't contain petroleum derivatives, synthetic fragrances or preservative agents.


 Creator, Jean- Charles Sommerard 

 Creator, Vincent Honnart (Left) and our Art Director, Marco Marselais (Right)