Our products are made without chemicals, artificial fragrances, preservatives or petroleum derivatives. Our skincare is strictly composed of formulas that are 100% natural and 100% active. Each drop nourishes, repairs, protects and prevents aging. Each product is designed to answer your skin needs and problems. Each product was launched to answer the concerns of our beautiful community. Now, let’s take a look at the ingredients found in our serums, stars of our skincare line: musk rose oil and CO2 extract. You won’t find filling agents, emulsifiers or non-active ingredients, even if they are natural. Moreover, if you find another serum that contains the same quantity of undiluted Bulgarian rose essential oil, you are more likely to also notice a hefty price tag.

In order to answer your skin needs (protecting collagen, providing a deep and lasting hydration that improves flexibility, softness and reduces fine lines), our serums contain twenty carotenoids, essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants (always natural) as well as luxurious essential oils of therapeutic grade. Unique and incomparable, especially when it comes to quality vs price. There’s nothing like it!

We are obviously recognized by PETA and cruelty-free. We work hard to enrich the earth with our hives and gardens. Maison Jacynthe is also a zero-waste company.

Our makeup line (also known as ‘’makeup-care’’ due to its active ingredients) is natural, offers results without compromise. The feeling on the skin is sublime, the pigments are rich, and is long-lasting. Our makeup is versatile and can be used in basic daily routines, photoshoots, on television sets, etc. Bloggers are raving about our products. In addition, our varnishes offer the highest ecological guarantee in the field. Recently, our natural fragrances that enrich our well-being due to the virtues of essential oils. We have witnessed true skin changes in our beauty salons, and our clients take advantage of our powerful plant-based ingredients while the relaxing in an aromatherapeutic universe.

Photos: The oils from fruit and floral origins that make our unique serum: sea buckthorn, musky rose, onagre and borage.

My mission? Health in every households. Clean and cost-effective eating, while eliminating toxic products from the skin and the environment. It will make a huge difference in the end.