What to start with Maison Jacynthe? 

You have the choice side: 

1) face: for healthy, fresh, comfortable, radiant skin (we can obviously help you find it again if you suffer from pimples, redness, dry patches, etc.) 

2) body: our wonderful exfoliators, our divine muslin, our synergies of special & specific oils as much after-sun, as in hydration, as in stimulation (eloquent testimonies received on our effect against cellulite); that to delay hair regrowth 

3) super foods that increase vitality and well-being 

4) high-end makeup, chic, with more than perfect & sumptuous results (take advantage, with 5 products you have 50% on each) 

5) home (nothing beats a healthy environment where natural & active washing & cleaning formulas cleanse while intoxicating us and in the heart of which wonderful apothecary formulas are vaporized to completely transform our state & place where pure essential oils are diffused to motivate us or calm, imagine!) 

6) essentials (natural soaps, deos & antiseptics) 

7) essentials (to "repair" the hands for example or for an incomparable homemade facial) 

8) our health products & other formulas that it is good to have in your pharmacy or on hand 

9) deep soothing with our room fragrances or our aromatherapy oils 


In detail, starting with the face, point 1: 

1 - "I have never applied products of such high quality and purity to my skin and the results obtained after only two days of use are almost unimaginable" For your face, to start, choose my basic beauty ritual with rose ($ 141) the total or, at a lower price, cleansing oil ($ 31.50) and rose water ($ 22.50) for a benevolent ritual 

Morning & evening we cleanse, we hydrate then we seal in the hydration with a combination of powerful anti-aging active ingredients (remembering that our skin care products are 100% natural, pure & active, composed of the best ingredients available; it there is no care with this quality of ingredients in the world; everything serves our skin, no filling ingredient; obviously, no petroleum derivative, no fragrance, no preservatives; handcrafted, with care and love, locally, vegan & cruelty-free.): 

The ritual (and no need for more): 

-a) clean / remove make-up with cleansing oil (or jojoba oil at a lower cost) then rinse with a damp washcloth 

-b) spray the floral water 

-c) while the skin is moist, apply the serum (or the cleansing oil as a serum if you cannot get the serum) 

AND not only will your skin be healthy, without gray mist, but on the contrary, radiant & resplendent and able to regenerate as it should, you will feel the well-being provided by our fine combinations of pure essential oils. 

-If you have damaged skin, for a few days until you regain comfortable skin, use chamomile water and jojoba oil (preferably in 100 ml): cleanse once with oil then rinse; spray the floral water on your skin and then soak it with ten pipettes of jojoba oil; massage and leave on for 10 minutes, remove the extra with a dry washcloth, without rinsing 

-if you have skin damaged by wearing a mask (pimples or other): step a) and b) of the ritual with cleansing oil and chamomile water then in c), apply caramel fir butter as a serum on wet skin 

-If you have a problem with pimples, proceed with step a) which regulates the secretion of sebum and soothes the sebaceous glands therefore ultra beneficial for you, b) with neroli water and if you have oily skin, apply in c) sebo gel; if you have dry skin, apply the cleansing oil as a serum

-for weakened, irritated skin, choose for the same steps a) b) c) cleansing oil  (or jojoba), chamomile water (you can therefore repeat the ritual for damaged skin above for a few days) and neutral serum 

-For redness, add the Soothing formula to your beauty ritual under your rose or neutral serum or under caramel fir butter or tamanu mousseline, all excellent choices in such a situation 

-For extremely dry skin, add a drop of vegetable glycerin which acts like hyaluronic acid and a butter (caramel fir) or mousseline (kukui) 

- for pregnant women, we thought of a beauty ritual, without essential oils, accompanied by vanilla shea that I put on my belly during my 3 pregnancies 

- for men: vetiver & rosemary on the face (but they also appreciate the rose as much as we do), the Purifier to be sprayed in their sports equipment and shoes & deodorant on the armpits and feet 

 -we also have luxury treatments in Myrrh elixir & Gold serum (real 24 carats) & delicious Mousselines 


2- For the body: 

-for the hair, the Soyeuse revitalizes while the Repairing balm repairs, we look forward to our shampoos! 

-for the legs, 3 allies: The Draining formula for the cellulite, Light legs formula to relieve them & Naturépile which decreases hair regrowth 

-for well-nourished skin: Body oil (dry finish), Baby oil (soothes and relieves redness in young and old), Macadamia & chamomile (also our massage oil for sleeping well), our Orange blossom mousseline which combined with Frutti tutti (lemony remineralizer, one of our two exfoliators) comes after dry skin, The Cocotte oil, which smells of the holidays and the sky, restore the hydrolipidic film; to combine with Coco, our sweet gourmet exfoliant that turns into glycolic acid (be careful not to eat the pot!) 

-my must-have for summer: the after-sun, a body serum with at the top of the list, rosehip, nicknamed plant collagen, which counteracts the action of collagenase and gives the skin back the lost carotenes, in order to properly repair what could have been damaged (our collection of face serums, which are also the best after-sun that can exist, for the same reasons) 

3 - Super foods that changes life:

Here is my set of super foods to digest well (Essential fibers to take in the morning and L'Ami at bedtime to help the peristaltic muscle to eliminate what will be cleansed by the action of fiber) while feeding on highly digestible and profitable nutrients - the basis of my philosophy of well-being - I can count on Le complet (Greens), my powdered green juice, top food, "complete" source of antioxidants! I take it as an aperitif to feed my body what it needs to function well or after my training to see my muscle mass benefit like never before: what a great impact based mainly on organic spirulina, a highly assimilable vegetable protein that arrives at the top list of the formula and that makes the difference on our muscle results. 

We also offer 2 chlorophylls (peppermint and sweet mint) deodorizing, which make the water more interesting, aloe juice (to relieve irritation of the gastrointestinal tract) and a cherry juice to drink with our super foods. In a cocktail shaker, if you don't have it. I also thought about doing a 1/2-1 / 2 for those who need the cherry juice and aloe juice. 


4- In terms of high-end makeup (and yes, natural): 

It's not confusing, we have the best collection in the world, with beneficial ingredients that give sublime results, equaling or even exceeding what is done in the most chic traditional. Our make-up is thus used by a very large majority of personalities as much on the small screen as on the largest. Here, in France and in the United States, among others. AND, the feeling on the skin is just as wonderful; we want to wear it until bedtime because we are so good with it. To try. Especially since we are reformulating our entire range with ingredients from here! The current collection is in escalating discounts up to 50%: it's time to get in, to refuel without hesitation and if you think about it, to finally turn to natural. There is no longer any compromise to make: we can have the most beautiful results in this world ... while preserving our health (we know it so well: we must not minimize the impact of toxic ingredients on our endocrine system, for example). 


5- Cleaning side:

Two essentials for our household chores (you just need to complete with vinegar and fragrance-free dish soap): 

The purifying formula is my concentrate to sanitize surfaces, I also dilute it in soapy water for my floors or in my vinegar spray for the windows. 

The purifier, I spray it on the household linen: bath sheets, bed sheets, rugs, inside shoes, sports bags, ... it is my atmospheric sanitizer. 

As a complement and to be delighted, you can add the Washing formula to mix with soap for your load (chosen without fragrances to avoid causing dermatitis) 


6 - Essentials to have in a natural version: 

My version of sun protection (by combining vanilla shea & zinc oxide). 

Our Antiseptic, natural version, enhanced with essential oils + skin softener. 

Our liquid soaps, 100% natural which respect the pH of the skin and do not attack it! 

Our deodorants that change life because their sandalwood attacks the bacteria responsible for bad odor in the armpits and feet; we have tangerine, vetiver or geranium 

The ideal Tranquility solutions in summer with the Ti-chou version for children. 


7 - Our essentials (here are also gift ideas from here that will certainly please): 

Over time, you will enjoy trying our 2 masks: Cardamom (tensor & radiance boost) & Exfopur (for an express radiance facial, for spots, to recreate microdermabrasion at home, to work on fine lines). With these two new treatments and our beauty ritual (which can be had for $ 30 up to $ 149), you will be able to treat yourself to a full spa-style facial at home. 

For our damaged hands: caramel fir butter or vanilla shea butter to wear during the day and for the night, add a drop of vegetable glycerin for a top repair in the morning! 


8- On the pharmacy side (and yes, we work with chemists, biologists, pharmacist; it is not because we are natural that we are not on the boat, on the contrary, we will exceed in terms of performance what you are looking in all areas concerned. It's not complicated, I always ask for the best of the best: developed & passionately formulated to perfection with the best ingredients possible).  In my homemade "to the rescue" kit, I like: 

-the Soothing formula to apply to relieve minor daily irritations 

-Respiratory formula (a lovely oxygen bath) to spray to relieve cold and cough symptoms, powerful 

-the formula Breath well, for the whole family (I spray it on top of us for a soothing and decongesting oxygen bath before diving into a deep sleep 

-the "Protector" spray formula which relieves us of the flu virus 

-And I appreciate the Bobôme! designed by Nathalie 16 years ago, for apply to my baby Louis' little sores. 


9- Deep comfort or appeasement with our room or aromatherapy fragrances: 

-to calm down: we spray Breath well then we apply Chamomile Verbena on the wrist or Macadamia & chamomile in massage before bedtime (did you know? 10 minutes after their application, the essential oils cross the skin barrier to remain benevolent in our circulation blood) 

-for children: Child memory for their sleep ritual and this Macadamia & chamomile massage or Pomme d'Api on the wrist 

-for babies: Baby oil for change and moisturize as needed 

In addition to our range of synergies for diffusion & other aromatherapy scents to reassure, appease or motivate oneself; undoubtedly, you will appreciate the Ayurvedic which touches us and refocuses us without giving us the words to explain it. 

In addition, I'm intoxicated on the therapeutic properties of our collection of essential oils, each certified pure as it is rare to find today. You will see directly our difference (I can brag about it! I am proud of our quality, having asked for the crème de la crème of the best in the world; thus, we share the same essential oils as the biggest houses in the difference that we do not skimp on the quantities used! Our rose - fixed in a vegetable wax so pure it is - comes from the most famous house in Bulgaria; our vetiver, from the distiller of the last 35 years, renowned and unrivaled in Haiti; our cardamom, from a small village dedicated to it in Guatemala; our neroli, from Morocco, as it should be ... We thus source very selectively all our raw materials. The best that exists, the most beautiful quality, for each of them, precious allies! You will find ideas to arrange them here