What should we drink to support the health of our skin? We recommend our 100% plant-based and activating serum (so natural you can eat it!). How can we strengthen our skin and support its regenerative properties from the inside out?


  • Carotenes are found in orange and green pigments and where there are carotenes there is collagen (hence the attraction to our serum that contains 15 carotenes, including the famous vitamin A, also known as retinol). With this in mind, I use frozen mangos as the base of my smoothies, then I add freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice (lime juice is a great option too). Just add water to reach the desired consistency.
  • I often add the superfood: camu camu powder: a fruit that boasts an impressive amount of vitamin C (1 tsp provides 12 times the recommended daily dose of vitamin C). Pay attention to advertisements for cosmetics “rich” in vitamin C. Normally, a whole bottle of these products is barely equivalent to 1 glass of orange juice (so in small doses, the intake is negligible). There is also uncertainty about Vitamin C’s stability in a cream carrier due to its rapid oxidation; it is really best to take this nutrient internally. Seabuckthorn berries (a shrub that you can plant in your garden or in a smart pot on your balcony) also provide a formidable amount of this potent antioxidant.
  • Silica is a mineral that improves skin elasticity, strengthens the inner walls of veins, builds stronger bones, nails and hair; it is also better to take silica internally. It additionally helps with calcium absorption and collagen production. This champion nutrient is found in the herb horsetail (also available in a powder or directly inside Florasil capsules): I add a teaspoon!
  • Protein is another important skin nutrient as it is needed to build tissues (collagen, a protein, makes up 30% of our body tissue). I choose plant based proteins, like chia seeds or ground pumpkin sprouts, due to their high level of absorbability: I add a teaspoon of each.
  • To soften the bitter aftertaste of these skin superheroes, I add a little maple syrup.


There, now you are nourished!