You asked us, at our last conference, what is was best rejuvenating & age-defying skincare product.

I immediately told you that Luc, the expert in aromatherapy behind our 100% natural and active line** and who, let me remind you, brought together the best plant-based oils, the most powerful extractions (CO2), and bring an arsenal that deeply nourishes collagen & ceramides (even our cleaning oil contains geranium which stimulates, at this first stage of our ritual, collagen).

He then added that when it comes to food, eating vegetable proteins (that are easily absorbed, clean and beneficial) and orange colored fruits and vegetables will support inside rejuvenation (nothing against aging but why not do it with vitality and beauty). Then Jocelyne, who is in her mid-sixties (and doesn’t she look like a little girl? Her skin is so healthy, glowing and alive), believes that we should not put chemicals on our skin to preserve it, and she also likes certain acupressure points shared in our beauty workshops. Another of her secrets is to thoroughly clean her face (morning and evening) with the cleansing oil (will purify the skin, and allow it to breathe without getting dehydrated).

Lastly, Luc mentioned that there is a long-term effect in using our serum, because it nourishes every cell which can then regenerate, protect and preserve itself.

** Let's not be confused: natural does not mean active, or else, we could all use olive or sunflower oils from our kitchen... An active product serves the skin by being well assimilated and by meeting its needs for vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids (just like green juice nourishes the cells of our body); and  100% active means no fillers that are useless (such as water, which we often find  in cosmetics... We offer instead rose oil, rich in retinol, a powerful anti-wrinkle).

I am very proud of the quality of our ingredients. It is not complicated: Luc was accustomed, more than 30 years ago, to use (while making his precious concoctions) only the crème de la crème from the vegetable kingdom, he cannot do otherwise, to our happiness... And beauty!

" I've been using your serum for a little over a year now and I've been told this week, and for the first time in my life that I have a beautiful skin and I'm 62. I automatically thought of you." - Nicole

Our beauty ritual: 3 products for $130, I am also very proud of the price because there is no need for anything else, for both morning and evening, from eyes to cleavage.