In my suitcase, without wanting to brag, I can leave for 10 days with only 1 carry-on suitcase, good for baby and I! The following goes into my beauty bag, or 2 large "ziploc bags":

On the plane: I keep the purifying formula with me on the plane. I use it to disinfect our hands, one drop at a time. For baby, I pour a drop on a little washcloth with water (that I also have in my travel bag); I used this formula in my laundry since, even while traveling, I was able to pick up some clothes in a nice little thrift store, whoohoo!!

Beauty needs: My beauty trio follows me every time I travel (since it comes in bottles of 100ml or less). I like the ylang serum that I also use on the kids (my baby likes it a lot, I apply it on my face first, then use what's left on him) in the evening to help with the loss of vitamin A after sun exposure.

My deodorant is powerful, natural and has a nice fragrance.

Sun protection:  Our shea butter with zinc oxide (we don't use anything else).

Luc doesn't want me to tell you that he made an anti-parasite composed of essential oils. I also have another blend designed for mouth hygiene. They cannot be marketed at this time due to their therapeutic benefits. 

Health: Peppermint essential oil for stomach aches (the pharmacist suggested that we use 4 drops throughout the day for Charles who’s 7; the peppermint was very useful, his stomach ache disappeared almost instantly), lavender for insect bites (but since there was aloe plants in the garden, I used the aloe, a great repellent as well. 

Caro, brought her blender to make some smoothies! I only brought my cheese cloth to make plant-based milk, but did not need it since I found some. 

Two soaps for showering and hand washing: I never leave home without my natural soap since the kids are super sensitive to synthetic fragrances.

My natural shampoo, which I pour into small travel bottles.

Same for my natural laundry soap.

The soap Blancheville (which is easy to travel with): did wonders on the avocado stain on my white top. I can also grate this soap to use it in the washing machine (don't put too much).

At the local grocery store, once we arrived, we bought: rice, quinoa, vegetables & fruits (which I soak in water, a bit of soap and purifying formula), lots of avocados, plant-based milk, nuts, legumes and we're all set!