Because of the Covid-19, here is our situation:


Our stores in Eastman, Charlesbourg, Trois-Rivières & Aylmer are officially open.


The schedules will be:

  • Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday closed


Here are the rules put in place during this pandemic period:

  • We have a maximum of 4 people (including our team) present inside at the same time so we will only welcome one guest at a time in the shop area. We will continuously diffuse our purifying formulas.
  • We will invite you to clean your hands with our antiseptic and answer the 3 questions when you enter. Shopping must be done individually, you cannnot be accompanied by a loved one, family (child) or friends.
  • For the protection: It is impossible to try, smell or touch the products in the store. Once the purchases are finished, you can take the products and place them in a shopping bag.
  • We invite you to have your order prepared 48 hours before picking day in the store either by phone or email, at the coordinates below (not to customer service). We will then be able to make the payment with you and you will only have to pick up your order.


To reach us either by phone or email:

MJ Charlesbourg: or 418-624-9333

MJ Eastman: or 579-532-8999

MJ Trois-Rivières: mjtroisriviè or 819-841-5204

For MJ Aylmer: or 819-485-1747


For the Bistro, we do not have bulk ready to take on site, you must order it by phone or email 48 hours before. We only have one cook in each Bistro, in order to follow the rules and we have to plan the number in advance.

According to hygiene rules, there will be no return possible during the pandemic period; we will not be able to take back the empty bottles either.

MJ Ste-Thérèse & MJ Montreal will open on May 25, we are following our government's directives.

MJ La Prairie remains closed for the summer.

Obviously, I strongly encourage you to use our online services & to visit our store, available at all times. We have assembled a squad of sublime advisers & beauticians to answer you, from 8am to 10pm, on the  Maison Jacynthe Facebook page .

For my part, I have the great pleasure of meeting you live every day, here our new hours:

  • on Facebook at 9am and 4pm with also Nathalie who answers your questions
  • on Instagram with Marco for the makeup lesson Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday 10 am


Suffice to say that we have a good time together and that we live great moments.

See you soon, and thank you very much for your trust,