Tips on how to do eyebrows correctly & eye makeup after 40!

Here are some precious tips from Marco to correct and thicken all types of eyebrows and open the eye  when the eyelid is drooping, taken from our master class that was offered at our very first workshop in our Salon/Boutique in Quebec.


The eyebrows are one of the determining aspects of the face; they frame your face. Like a picture on a wall, frameless, it is nice, but with a frame, the effect is much more striking! When we do our eyebrows, even if we do not apply makeup to the rest of the eyes, the effect is amazing!

3 points to be determined before tracing:

  1. With the handle of a brush, draw an imaginary line that starts from the corner of our nostril to the inner corner of the eye. This is where the eyebrow should begin.
  2. Then, to know where the eyebrow ends,starts from the corner of the nostril and go to the outer corner of the eye. Draw a small dot.
  3. Finally, to know where to draw the highest point of the eyebrow arch, start from the nostril and draw an imaginary line that joins the middle of the pupil (look straight ahead while doing this step). Draw a small dot. You are now ready to draw the eyebrow by connecting these 3 points.

The colors to use:

For blondes / chestnuts: eyeshadows #4 and #11


All our eyeshadows are available online:

*** For pale to medium hair, use 1 shade darker.

*** For medium to dark hair, use 1 shade lighter.

If necessary, you can slightly thicken (top and bottom) the base of the eyebrow. The shape will then be defined, rather dark, it is normal, we will brush it later to soften it. The next step is then to connect the three points from earlier.


To prepare our skin before makeup:

Our beauty ritual provides a perfect base for impeccable makeup since the skin will be smooth and soft, well moisturized and protected. The Exfopro can be used too if our skin needs to be exfoliated.

Day makeup for all ages:

  • Fluide de teint (moisturizing and protective care that matches the complexion): we can put a first layer with a brush to blend and hide blemishes and redness, then a second or even a third layer, with a brush or sponge doing circular movements for an ultra-natural finish
  • The terracotta #01 defines the cheekbones, use the remaining powder left on the brush to form a 3 from your temples to your jaw
  • The highlighter #02 for a magnificent "glow", apply on top of  cheekbones and eyelids
  • The blush (even for those with redness or rosacea, as the blush blends with the color of the skin)  #02 on the cheekbones
  • Draw the eyebrows following Marco's directions above (for all ages)
  • Mascara and that’s it! Chic look, sophisticated and above all natural!

*** Make sure to blend well. Marco applies 3 layers of fluids on my cheeks for example to camouflage blemishes and redness, but then he often comes back with his sponge to blend everything together.


Now, for the drooping eyelids or small eyelids, your best bet is on a darker shade on the mobile part of the eyelid and blend it with eyeshadows #06 or #07 towards the eyebrow for a beautiful shine!

  1. The darker or medium color is applied all over the mobile part of the eyelid.
  2. A slightly paler color is used next. We start from the corner and go up to the top.


*** It is important to avoid overworking the crease, which would have the effect of weighing down the eye.

***A pearl finish can be used regardless of your age!

For blue eyes: Browns and taupes will bring out the blue.

For green eyes: Everything that is pink or purple, which contains a little red, will bring out the green.

For brown eyes: The grays and charcoal bring out the yellow, but, all colors are suitable.