I share these tips from our team of experts because they could also benefit others!

In my case, fatigue and stress show through breakouts. And since I was back on set, I wanted to be at my best, I used our Dermopur formula everyday and my skin stayed clear. For my eyes, I sprayed our rose water (which is pure, no preservative) directly on my eyelids (and remember that Vanesa used it as an Ayurvedic ritual to help moisturize the eyes) and again, no redness except for a slight pain in the morning that has since disappeared (there's a little bit of rose essential oil in the floral water since a floral water is the residue of the distillation and rose essential oil is wonderful for this type of infection, but it will burn if applied directly on the eyelid: Avoid direct application).

Funny story: I got stung on the tongue by a wasp. Luc was coming home: "What do I do?" I asked, and his answer was: ‘’Use lavender essential oil''! I applied it directly on my tongue to prevent swelling.

And I cannot say enough about Naturépile, a formula that will reduce hair growth: The formula is absolutely wonderful. Apply when the hair has just been removed. It shrinks the follicules and makes it very difficult for the hair to grow back. Eventually, the hair never grows back! Yep! you heard that right! 

Jacynthe xx