I asked Luc, the magician behind our products, to create a bouquet for each aroma! 

The idea was to create an olfactory harmony in each set. Like an invigorating bouquet no matter where you are in the house: bathroom, kitchen, under the shower or during your skincare routine. 

Here they are: 

Bouquet of roses - Our Rose trio combined with our geranium soap: feminine, romantic, subtle and delicate bouquet. Rose, this mythical queen that symbolizes eternal femininity.

Bouquet of neroli - Neroli water + neroli serum + orange-mandarin soap: the freshness of neroli and citrus leaves leave a fresh, feminine and zesty note. This elegant and refined bouquet will leave a delicte perfume on your skin.

Small bouquet of lavender - Lavender or rosemary water + sebum-regulating gel + lavender soap: herbaceous and fresh notes reminding us of the Mediterranean sea.
For women who have mixed or oily skin + breakouts:

Large bouquet of lavender - lavender water + sebo-regulating gel + cleansing oil + Jacynthe's Serum + lavender soap: a combination that combines fresh, purifying and aromatic lavender with the delicate fragrances of rose and geranium. Like a feminine poetry for your skin.

For the House :

Citrus bouquet: Purifying formula (countertop, floor and other surfaces) + grapefruit soap (as hand soap in the kitchen).

The grapefruit soap (with fruity, zesty and pink grapefruit notes) pairs well with our purifying formula, with its lemon and herbaceous notes (lemongrass, litsea). Will leave sparkling and fresh notes behind.