What if we made a mistake writes Dr. John McDougall. For years we were told that to be healthy you had to eat meat, chicken, fish and avoid carbohydrates and starches. What if it was all wrong and we were eating the wrong kind of food?

Looking at the state of our health? It's a possibility!

"The truth is that only complex carbohydrates like whole grains, legumes and root vegetables provide our body with the essential nutrients that satisfy our appetite as much as they give us health, good morale and great physical health."

Eating mainly vegan, we lose excess weight, we find our energy and we live to be older and stronger.

Without glorifying or believing everything I read, I suddenly feel as if I understand, have the key to explain the widespread evil that is emerging from our society; there is a lack of vitality and surrounded by a multiplicity of diseases. We cannot say that we are healthy.

What if all this had been invented? I feel like I'm in a movie.

Dr. McDougall noted the following: The food industry has begun to "push" meat, poultry, fish and eggs as essential sources of protein and dairy products, as essential sources of calcium, while calcium and protein deficiencies were non-existent (except in cases of starvation where all nutrients were lacking). So by the 1960s, all of us were absolutely convinced that protein and calcium were the most important nutrients needed to be healthy and have a long life, even though no scientific references supported these claims. In fact, in time research began to link chronic diseases to excessive consumption of meat and dairy products and to the absence of essential fiber, vitamins, minerals and other plant-derived nutrients.

He also writes that the industries now "possess" the research, newspapers that publish them and the other media that broadcast these widespread propagandas.

It appears that by 2030, according to current projections, 44% of Americans will be obese (not overweight but obese).

Dr. McDougall notes that no cases of protein deficiencies have been reported with a natural diet, even though it is herbal. On the other hand, excess protein engorges the kidneys and liver as well as an excess of animal proteins leads to a loss of bone calcium resulting in osteoporosis and kidney stones.

On the calcium side, the same thing: no deficiency has ever been reported from a vegan consumer, the first cause of osteoporosis being the excess of animal proteins. Another lie, he says: fish offer the best source of essential fat while only plants produce omega 3 ... that fish get them by consuming algae. Why not go directly to the source and eat plants?