Here is the procedure of my detox which, I repeat it is not a diet and far from me the calorie counting. The goal is not either thinness but rather the wonderful feeling of being well in our body to facilitate everything, to accomplish, & to shine.


1-We start our day with Essential Fibers: in my shaker, I pour a little apple juice (organic as much as possible and dark for the pectin content, otherwise we can turn to our cherry juice (without core since according to Health Canada, the nucleus is indigestible to humans) which also contains pectin: pectin helps the action of the psyllium contained in Essential fibers, for my part, I extend the water juice (same amount in water only in juice), then pour a teaspoon of Essential Fibers, shake and drink directly & I continue with a glass of water (to help the mucilage to swell and thus facilitate its action because the work of fibers is assist in elimination as mentioned by Dr. Bernard Jensen (1)).

2-In a blender, I combine yellow fruits (bananas, sea buckthorn, peaches, pears, mangoes, pineapples ...) and cover with water to get my yellow smoothie (we don't add anything else to the fruits because they are digested quickly and adding an ingredient harms this digestion and then generates fermentation, which is obviously avoided);

So we start our days with fibers whose role is to clean up (hence the importance of being fasting): plant fibers (Essential Fibers) are superior to fruit fibers which they are superior with vegetable fibers; know that the average fiber intake for a person in North America is 15 g while it is recommended to take 30 g so with Essential Fibers, two glasses of smoothies and the salad at the start of a meal, we reach target!

If you are hungry (the goal is not to be hungry, so eat !!!), you stop the smoothie and then 15 minutes later, you eat what you want.

3-We start our midday and evening meals with a gourmet salad (from 8 to 14 shoots and organic vegetables), I often stick to this salad, my boyfriend adds nuts, parmesan cheese, organic chicken to it occasion and in the evening, it can continue with the boys' meal; the idea is to start with this salad (my teen tells me not to give him too much because he is no longer hungry ... that's the goal !!); variety is important to find diversity in amino acids (to digest animal meat, which feeds on grass to build its flesh, it must first be broken down into amino acids; while thus offered in salads, they are directly assimilated! I eat to have energy, not to monopolize my energy to try to digest; my food is thus highly profitable).

Welcome to cheating, again, these habits are not a diet.

4-At bedtime, if necessary, I take a capsule of the Friend (L'ami). Cascara sagrada included in the Friend is not a fiber but earlier a bark which acts on the intestinal muscle and treats transient constipation. It’s a stimulating laxative.

Dr. Jensen also mentioned when increasing the fiber in our diet: "At first, you may need to use laxatives to help circulate the high-fiber supplements." In some cases you can use laxatives wisely, but this should always be a temporary solution (1).

Please note that with smoothies or fruit in the morning and salads to start meals will keep the Friend (l'Ami) away, which will only be taken up if necessary.



-Take a green juice before our meals, a fountain of youth, or The Complete (Le Complet) (formulated from the ingredients of my green juice with in addition to spirulina which contains a lot of vegetable proteins and chlorella, a chelator) which replaces it when I am far from my extractor.

-Add a teaspoon of chlorophyll (composed of alfalfa and not of mulberry which is obtained using a solvent from the excrement of silkworms, for the most part, from China) to its water bottle and drink all day (small fountain of youth continuously).

-If we suffer from inflammation of the intestinal tract, we can add aloe juice (our juice is fresh and pure and not made of rehydrated powders) to our drink of essential fibers in the morning; I also made a half an half cherry juice and aloe juice to have only a bottle of liquid and a gesture to do.


Please note: I cannot address illnesses, it is the law!


(1) Bernard Jensen - Detox Diet - purify yourself by a balanced diet - but 2018 (original title Guide to diet and detoxification) 2000 Bernard Jensen International


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