Our formulas are a 100% natural to the point where we can literally eat them. This is the best warranty anybody could imagine of: kids or adults.

We also have only active ingredients that all serves a purpose to your skin, absolutely no fillers, you will find the finest and most exclusive ingredients, many options, to benefits and never-before-seen results.

We use virgin vegetable oils which are filled with amazing nutrients & pure essential oils of the highest quality (we have access to very special elite of essential oils source) and their purity is all certified by a grand scientific laboratory.


Who Am I

We are uncommon, our team, our beauty advisers, beauticians, and salespeople never had any sales goals.

Our only mission is to be able to help you with all your needs, find the finest ingredients and the most elite sources of the world.

We innovated a products line that is totally unique in its formulations to be able to give the best ingredients without exception.

The economic model that we have is based on the sole objective of never compromising on the quality of ingredients, always with the greatest respect for noble materials.

We want to give the best of all services including advises and answering all questions for your better understanding and sumptuous experience.

We are in the process of watching our family growing with you, our guests who share the same values and people who are dear to us who receive all your love and appreciation.  Let’s remember that on the other side of the door, with a lot of personal investment, there is a laboratory team and a fine cuisine team who are all creating recipes with love and devotion.

We will never stop impressing our clients and always second guessing ourselves in order to provide the best.

We will never stop to amaze you because we have the same privileged access as the big Houses, with a vision and a passion, just like a small one.


We are unique in the world.

I will always be the first and the most demanding client of MJ.

Beauty is a state of mind. We have a global vision of wellness et that is the reason why we promote great nutrition, to care with natural ingredients and we open our doors on a universe of the most effective and never-before-seen beauty rituals, and this for all members of the family and all kinds of budgets.

We aren't in the business of miracles, but we continuously receive testimonies of great skin improvement or better improved lives. I never thought I would make such a difference in people's lives. By getting to know you, I recognized my passion: that of sharing inspirations and formulas that can change life, and that have changed mine.